Safety has always been an important part of how we go about our work and never more so than today. To promote safety for our colleagues and others impacted by our work, In order to achieve these goals, JPC has established systems, methods and controls to safely execute construction work our safety program also covers specialized environment and OSHA requirements. Our ultimate goal is to have zero injuries through the effective management of safety in all our operations. QA/QC services, including on-site control testing advanced technologies and methodologies to add value to clients’ operations diverse client range from independent investors to major multi- national corporations.
Our Safety managers and Safety supervisors are accountable for the safety of our people and are expected to provide effective leadership in safety. Management of every business or operation is responsible for following the Safety Principles and implementing and maintaining the Safety Standards. We set appropriate objectives against which to monitor progress toward zero injuries. All employees are responsible for good safety behavior and it is only by working together and recognizing that we all have a part to play in safety that we will really make a difference.


Central to JABARAH's culture is our commitment to the health and safety of our Employees, Contractors, customers and the Environment.

We aim to be an industry leader in safety performance and to achieve our vision of zero tolerance.

We consult with employees about health and safety matters to identify ways of reducing safety hazards and improving safety systems.

We educate and train our employees and contractors so they can perform their duties safely.

We ensure all incidents and near misses are reported, decumented and investigated and action taken to reduce recurrence.

We reward positive safety behavior and taken disciplinary action when people disregard health and safety procedures.

Regularly audit safety practices and management systems.