JURARAH Partners & Co (JPC) was established in the year 2010 and we were in the business for one decade in the name of Jubarah General Contracting Establishment. The objective of the management of JPC is to provide its services in the line of contractual and regulatory requirement of the Clients. To achieve this objective, it is our policy to establish and maintain an effective quality system of international standard, which shall satisfy our Clients’ in the desired lines. All requirements relating to Quality are identified, and effectively controlled consistently.


Our goal for the future is firmly grounded in our everyday practices. We make every effort to constantly fine-tune all aspects of our services to the utmost satisfaction to our clients.
We offer various services which include:

   Project Trading Services
   Construction Management
   Project Planning and Controls
   Startup and Commissioning
   Site Supervision

   Engineer, Procure, Construct
   Industrial & commercial Service
   Water Resources Engineering
   Power Services
   Equipment rental


JPC is committed to provide single source trusted Services & Solutions to meet the client needs within his imaginations. In line with our faith we shall play an effective and meaningful role in creating knowledge based society in the Kingdom which will lead to a knowledge driven economy.


Our vision is to contribute to the development of the kingdom and to be an active participant in its industrialization, taking forward this great nation and its people to a prosperous future in the millennium.